Seung-Won Oh's Black Crow to have Egyptian premiere


On 2 March, the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble will be presenting the Egyptian premiere of Seung-Won Oh’s Black Crow. This concert's programme will be devoted to the work of contemporary women composers.

Oh wrote Black Crow in 2011. This concerto for viola, bass clarinet and percussion is a response to White Eagle (2009), Martijn Padding's violin concerto. "What spoke to me particularly was the sophisticated way Padding derives a continuous forward energy from Irish fiddle music,' said Oh in an explanation. In Black Crow, Oh gives that vital drive a darker harmonic tint and an expressive gesture.

Also on the programme: music by Kaija Saariaho (Finland), Isabel Mundry (Germany), Tansey Davies (UK) and Yara Mikkawei (Egypt).

2 March, Ewart Memorial Hall, Cairo. The Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble conducted by Peter Tilling

Canonic Phase played at Tanglewood


As one of the featured composers in the Tanglewood Music Center's 2014 Festival of Contemporary Music, Oh's 2008 work for percussion quartet, Canonic Phase, will be performed along with works by Jacob Druckman and John Harbison. One of Oh's many works for percussion, this 11' quartet explores the ideas between canons and timbral transformations while weaving inspiration from traditional Korean instruments with found objects into organically complex music. Using a meticulously chosen arsenal of percussion instruments decided by the players themselves, the resultant sound world is always a fresh and uniquely vibrant aspect to the work.

Thursday July 17, 8pm, Ozawa Hall, Lenox, MA
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Fragments played by up and coming Chicago-based Ensemble Mocrep


A young and fresh blend of extraordinary talents based in Chicago, Ensemble Mocrep is putting its own unique voice on display performing Fragments. Originally written for the New York-based ensemble, Flexible Music, the work was formed based on the instrumentation of Louis Andriessen?s work, Hout. Fragments offers generous room for interpretation, and thrives on the intimate and particular interactions of the performers that makes each performance of the score one-of-a-kind.

April 29, 2014 @ 8PM DePaul Concert Hall, Chicago

ChoHee with Ik-Soo Heo and DePaul Ensemble 20+


For a special occasion of collaboration with K?mungo artist Ik-Soo Heo and the DePaul University composition program, Oh made an adaptation of two excerpts from musical theater, Words and Beyond II: Hun NanSulHun, to form her piece ChoHee. Words and Beyond II: Hun NanSulHun is set to premiere in October 2014. In an effort to adapt ChoHee to a concert-oriented ensemble setting, the traditional Jungga singer (who typically sings using traditional Korean vocal techniques) has been replaced with a Mezzo soprano voice, and cello and double bass have been added in addition to the k?mungo, accordion, and three percussionists found in the original production.

April 25 2014 @ 8PM DePaul Concert Hall, Chicago

DaDeRimGil at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Slagwerk Den Haag

Slagwerk Den Haag plays DaDeRimGil (2003) in a joint concert with Asko|Sch�nberg Ensemble. DaDeRimGil is inspired by a traditional Korean ironing ritual: two women labor over highly playful hocketing rhythms, beating away the wrinkled laundry on a granite stone with heavy mallets.
Asko|Sch�nberg + Slagwerk Den Haag
Oost en West
March 6 2014/ 8:15 PM/Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

Persistent Memory in Chicago

Chris Wild

Originally written for Kathrina Gross, Persistent Memory (2013), for solo cello, receives US premiere during the NMDP (New Music DePaul) Series 2014. With depth, acuity and in an original interpretation, Chris Wild unravels the delicate and sensitive sound world of Persistent Memory.

February 21 2014/ 8PM/ DePaul School of Music, Chicago

Persistent Memory (2013) for solo cello

Katharina Gross
Photo by Nancy Horowitz

Persistent Memory (2013) written for Katharina Gross will be premiered at Isola del Garda in Italy in June 2013. After several workshops and reading sessions, the current version of Persistent Memory has reached its final barline. The falling gesture stated at the very beginning of the composition constantly returns in new episodes, deviating more and more with each return. The left-hand pizzicato, double-stops, microtonal approach and harmonics are gadgets used in the new work to provide catchy motives and a rich timbre.

Subsequent performances throughout the summer of 2013 include Den Haag, Netherlands and Hartberg, Austria.

Premiere of Schaduwspel (Shadowplay) (2012) for Orkest de Ereprijs


Since composing Unsung Equilibrium (2005) for the legendary wind orchestra Orkest Volharding, Ms. Oh is again exploring the unique sonorities available within the medium of the wind orchestra. In Schaduwspel, Oh explores the interplay between diatonic melody and non-diatonic elements in reference to an object and its shadow. Ms. Ohs special relationship with Orkest de Ereprijs is deeply rooted; she has been a student and instructor at the International Young Composers Meeting in Apeldoorn and now the Orkest de Ereprijs will now be presenting one of her mature pieces to Dutch audiences.

Ereprijs will be presenting Schaduwspel as a part of two separate programs. The first includes three violin concertos composed by Hanna Kulenty, Renske Vrolijk, and Kurt Weil. The second will present compositions by Renske Vrolijk, Eric de Clercq and Joe Cutler that will pair the Wind orchestra alongside the diverse organs of Orgelpark Amsterdam.

The performances are schedule as following.
10 Nov, 2012 from 20:15u - 22:00u at the Orgelpark in Amsterdam, NL
14 Nov, 2012 from 20:15u - 22:00u at the Musis Sacrum in Arnhem, NL
22 Nov, 2012 from 20:30u - 22:00u at the Deventer Schouwburg in Deventer, NL

Fragments returns to New York Alongside Dutch composer Peter Adriaansz

flexible music

Fragments receives another New York performance by the ensemble, Flexible Music, on November 20nd in Brooklyn, New York. The piece blends pentatonic material played on the inside of the piano and guitar harmonics with pleading microtonal saxophone and slide guitar lines to create a unique tonal effect. The piece will be performed alongside Peter Adriaanz compositions, Fraction and Phrase as well as Mikel Kuehn's Color Fields. Adriaanz is known as 'one of the most singular composers active in the Netherlands at the moment' and his composition Phrase is dedicated to Ms. Oh.

Black Crow Set to Revisit Boston, Massachusetts.

black crow

After a successful May 2011 with the group Dinosaur Annex, Ms. Oh's viola concerto Black Crow (2011) is set to return to Boston Massachusetts. The piece, which features viola, bass clarinet and percussion, is being revived by the percussionist Bob Schulz at Tufts University. Black Crow is a piece that displays virtuosic passages on both the viola and percussion, and as such Schultz is featuring the piece in his percussion recital as a part of the Tufts University Community Concert Series.

Violinist Noriko Herndon and clarinetist William Kirkley join the performance, in which Mr. Schulz will be presenting a program of contemporary works for percussion solo, duo, and trio. Along with Black Crow, the dramatic and virtuosic compositions of Luciano Berio, Michael Colgrass and Stefan Hakenberg will be presented. The program will take place in the Distler Performance Hall (room M251) located in the Granoff Music Building at Tufts University.

Talk at Tufts University

tufts university

While in Boston for the performance of Black Crow, Oh joins the composers seminar to talk discuss her compositional works and methods. Her talk will focus around her use of percussion and the unmistakable Korean influences in her music.Excerpts of her recent compositions such Black Crow, the Oboe concerto JungGa, the theater piece Words and Beyond; Hwang Jin-Yi, and the opera Lege Wieg (Empty Cradle) among others.

November 5, 2012, 4:30-6:30 PM
Granoff Music Center Room M251
Tufts University

Final stop in the Netherlands before Wrench's U.S. premiere

figures in time

Figures in Time was written as a part of the Wrench project conceived by the ensemble Hexnut. The project is based on the merging of new musical ideas with the photography of Edward Burtynsky. The pieces composed for the project discuss the theme transformation of nature by industry in accordance with Burtynsky's photographs. Figures in Time will be performed on November 4, 2012 in Rotterdam, NL. This is the last opportunity to see the piece in the Netherlands before its North American premiere next year.

Australian performance of 'Berceuse' for violin and piano (2012)

Anna McMichael

Commissioned by violinist Anna McMichael for her new Berceuse album project, Oh's Berceuse for violin and piano present her unique take on the style of Berceuse. Within the piece she combines a traditional Korean lullaby featuring a dark, somber melody and heavy beat with contrasting leggiero melodies on stack of fifths. The piece was premiered by Anna McMichael and pianist Tamara Anna Cislowska at the Port Fairy Music Festival in Port Fairy, Australia on October 13, 2012. It will be performed again at the Mona Fona music festival in Tasmania, Australia on January 18-19th, 2013.

Alone in the Dark Summer 2012 European Premiere!

Katharina Gross

Alone in the Dark (2001), a solo cello piece has been performed extensively throughout Europe during the summer of 2012. Katharina Gross brought about the piece's revival with European premieres of the work taking place in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Ms. Gross also will be collaborating with Oh on a new solo cello piece set to premiere throughout Europe in June of 2013.

20 July, 2012 at the Festival Classico del Ponente Ligure in Imperia, Italy
25 July, 2012 at Acschlossl in Graz, Austria
8 September, 2012 at the Concertello 2012 in Hartberg, Austria
4 October, 2012 at the Celloherbst am Hellweg at Kunstverein Schwerte, Germany

DaDeRimGil during the NJO summer music festival 2012

Ironing Ritual.jpg

One of Oh's most played pieces DaDeRimGil (2003) for six percussion players is featured by the NJO (Netherlands Youth Orchestra) Percussion ensemble. The ensemble coach Fedor Teunisse, who premiered this piece in 2001 with Slagwerk Den Haag, talks about the sound world and the instruments used in DaDeRimGil in this interview.
The initial idea of the composition comes from a traditional ironing ritual from old Korea, where freshly dried clothes are beat on a stone with heavy mallets in order to get rid of the wrinkling on the fabric. Two women facing each other from each end of the stone used to make hocketing rhythms to make a boring labor-intensive daily ritual into a playful chore.

The performances are scheduled as following:
Saturday August 4, Stadhuis Arnhem (NL)
Sunday August 5, Veluvine, Nunspeet (NL)

Wei�e N�chte 2012

Theatre an der Rhur.jpg

Katharina Gross and Arnold Marinissen are to premi�re Oh's new composition Tussenin for cello and timpani (2012) during the Wei�e N�chte 2012 in Germany.
Theater an der Ruhr
July 7, 2012 10PM
M�lheim an der Ruhr, Germany

"White Nights/Wei�e N�chte" in Raffelberg Park has for many years been an integral part of M�lheim culture. As a Summer Festival 'White Nights' is known far and beyond the borders of M�lheim.

Since the summer of 2003 - during a heat wave, in which the theater was unplayable - the annual open air theater performances have taken place in the illuminated Raffelberg park, under the open air and free of charge for the visitors. Annually around 4,000 guests make a pilgrimage to the Festival, to witness popular productions from The Threepenny Opera to The Merchant of Venice.

Omnibus Laboratorium- International Young Composers Meeting in Tashkent


The exclusive young composers contemporary music workshop in the central Asia Omnibus Laboratorium will take place October 23-29, 2011 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Seung-Ah Oh has been invited back as one of the composers in residence to give lectures and master classes.

Nicholas Phillips

In addition, her piano solo piece, Figures in Time (2011), will receive its Central Asian premiere. Nicholas Phillips gave the world premiere of Figures in Time in Seoul, and KkangNeung Korea in July 2011.

Quatour Bozzini


Nong Hyun Reflected for amplified string quartet (2011) will be premiered by the internationally acclaimed Canadian New Music Specialist Bozzini String quartet.


The world premiere occurs during the Transit Festival in Leuven, Belgium. The subsequent performance will be in Den Bosch, Netherlands during the festival November Music and Montr�al, Qu�bec during program called Portrait Pays-Bas.
Nong Hyun is the term for a Korean traditional string-playing technique that involves various left hand techniques after the initial string pluck by right hand.

November Music

Ms. Oh was initially interested in how these left-hand techniques could be translated and performed on western string instruments; this became a substantial musical idea in this particular composition. Nong Hyun Reflected is inspired by the idea of four independent lines co-existing in time, echoing the way one's daily life is surrounded by all types of recognizable and dismissable sounds. Each part is written independently except for a few structural points of the composition until when all four comes together at the end of the piece. Nong Hyun Reflected is also an attempt of a freely and loosely composed sound-scape (music in the air).



Seung-Ah Oh has been invited by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Stedelijk Musem to take part in one of the programs celebrating the 80th birthday of Gubaidulina in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For the opening of the Gubaidulina festival, she will take part in a round table discussion around the theme of Expats, focussing on composers who have moved to other counties in order to pursue their Art. Her duet So-Ri I (2001) will be performed by members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra during this event.

The winner of Buma Toonzetters Prize, Composer Seung-Ah Oh Componist Seung-Ah Oh winnaar Buma Toonzetters Prijs

Toonzetters prize

On 29 August, composer Seung-Ah Oh won the third edition of Buma Toonzetters Prize (€10,000) with her composition JungGa, concerto for Oboe/Musette and chamber ensemble.

The jury reports that it is a work with "much energy, built on a compelling concept. It's" Music That Matters "; a work that manages to grip the listener for in its entire duration. It is a kind of intercultural music, not an amalgamation of diverse cultures, but an entirely unique form with a fully personal thought."

The Buma Toonzetters Prize is chosen by the international jury members to honor the best contemporary music written previous year in the Netherlands. The monitory award of €10,000 is by supported by Buma Culture. To learn more about Toonzetters prize click here.

JungGa to be featured as finalist in Toonzetters competition 2010

Ernest Rombout
Ernest Rombout

JungGa, concerto for oboe/musette and chamber ensemble (2009), has advanced as one of three finalists of the Toonzetters competition. Toonzetters is an annual Dutch competition that, since 2008, seeks out the best contemporary music in the Netherlands. The winner will be awarded a grand prize of €10,000.

During this exciting two-day event, all ten nominees will have their pieces performed. Please join us August 28-29 at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ for the free concerts!


Prestigious Bellagio Center Residency in Italy


The Rockefeller Foundation has invited Seung-Ah Oh to participate in a residency at its picturesque Bellagio Center. In late spring 2011, Ms. Oh will travel to Italy to work on her new Concerto for Double String Quintet and Chamber Orchestra. The concerto will be written for the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music's Contemporary Music Ensemble led by Timothy Weiss.


Omnibus Laboratorium international young composers workshop in Uzbekistan


From October 25 through October 30 2010, Seung-Ah Oh will be one of the leaders of the international workshop Omnibus Laboratorium at Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The Omnibus ensemble is the only ensemble that brings New Music to central Asia, and its annual international meeting brings together young composers from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Ms. Oh will give public lectures on her music and a short talk on non-Western sound and concept in contemporary music and meet young composers for private lessons. The final concert at the Ilkhom theater, Tashkent is scheduled on October 30, and will featured three of Ms. Oh's pieces.

Omnibus Ensemble
Omnibus Ensemble

Brisk recorder quartet and percussionist Ramon Lormans to perform new work


Amsterdam-based recorder quartet Brisk and percussionist Ramon Lormans will be premiering a new work by Seung-Ah Oh on November 6, 2010 at the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam. Following the November premiere, the quartet will perform the new work on December 3 at Vredenburg Leeuwenberg in Utrecht and as part of Brisk's 25th Anniversary Jubilee on January 9, 2011 at De Doelen in Rotterdam.

Brisk Ensemble

DaDeRimGil at the Bang On a Can Marathon Concert

Winter Garden

Slagwerk Den Haag travels to New York City to sizzle the public of Bang On A Can Marathon Concert. This annual 12 hour long FREE Live music concert became one of the most exciting music events in NYC. The location is gorgeous and gigantic open space at the Winter Garden Atrium in the Worlds Financial Center. Check out more information by clicking here (schedule). DaDeRimGil is originally commissioned and premiered by the former generation of Slagwerkgroep Den Haag in 2003. Now with the new members and alternate instrumental set-ups, this will be an undoubtedly exciting and overwhelming event especially with the thousands of public.

Slagwerkgroep Den Haag

Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi (W&B) hits Muziekgebouw Amsterdam in May 2010


Since its premiere in October 2008, W&B has made its way to various locations in the Netherlands and Huddersfield, England. Now it comes to Amsterdam audiences. For this special performance the entire configuration of grotezaal will be changed into a circular seating around the square stage in the main space. To learn more about the program please click here.


Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij Zaterdag Mei 15 2010 20:15 grote zaal 19:15 Inleiding Foyer deck

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

For ticket purchase, please click here.

Guggenheim fellowship 2010


Seung-Ah Oh is named as one of ten recipients in music composition for the prestigious Guggenheim fellowship 2010.

Guggenheim Fellowships are American grants that have been awarded annually since 1925 by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.

During the fellowship period, she will work on new pieces for ICE, Hexnut (NL), CME at Oberlin, new piece for guitarist Dan Lippel(US), flutist Daniel Agi(GB), and more. To read the press release, please visit click the following link.

Lege Wieg

Lege Wieg
Lege Wieg

Een nieuwe Nederlandse opera naar een oud Turks volksverhaal.

Een originele productie door de verwevenheid van de Turkse en Nederlandse cultuur en een spannende samenwerking tussen Nederlandse en Turkse professionals en amateurs. De opera vertelt het verhaal over een vrouw en een man, die tegen de zin van hun families trouwen. Hun liefde wordt tot het uiterste beproefd. Maar dan nemen de gebeurtenissen een onverwachte keer; na jaren krijgen zij op magische wijze een kind… Het verhaal is door componiste Seung-Ah Oh en schrijfster Anne Vegter bewerkt tot verrassend hedendaags muziektheater.

Dutch Music Days


The theme of the 2009 Nederlandse Muzidagen (Dutch Music Days) is 'Poetry and Music'. In my new piece In den oneindige ('In the infinity'), written for Ensemble Klang and male voice, I examine the Dutch language and how it sounds to me as a non-native speaker. The text is based on a satirical poem called SIGARET KOMT VAN ZUIG ERUIT, written by the renowned Dutch poet Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. Ensemble Klang asked 9 non-Dutch composers who have spent a substantial amount of time in the Netherlands and one native Dutchman to work with this poem.

Ensemble Klang; Peter Scheele, Bass Baritone
Oct 11, 2:30PM @ Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, BAM Zaal, Amsterdam

So-Ri I


The MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music at Bowling Green State University present the 30th Annual Music Festival between October 22 and 24. Steven Stucky as the main guest composer in this edition, over 25 composers from across the nation will be featured during this event. Claire Chase and Daniel Lippel, the core members of international Contemporary Ensemble will revive one of my So-Ri series So-Ri I (2001) for flute and guitar. Please visit the website to see a complete schedule of the events.

Serenade for Four Strings


The Empyrean Ensemble presents engaging, thought-provoking and eclectic programs, enabling audiences to experience new musical sensations delivered with high artistry by its seven core players - some of the finest new music performers in California. Ensemble-in-residence at UC Davis, the Empyrean Ensemble has premiered approximately 200 works throughout the course of their existence and has performed widely throughout California, including appearances at many prominent music festivals and concert series. My Serenade for Four Strings (2005) will be performed on the opening program for their 2009 season. This program will kick off during the Festival of New American Music at California State University at Sacramento.

Nov 8, 8PM Capiscrano Hall, California State University, Sacramento
Nov 15, 7PM Vanderhoef Studio Theatre, Mondavi Center, UC Davis

JungGa & Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi


The internationally acclaimed Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival will be taking place this year from 20 through 29 November. Aside from Jonathan Harvey, the hcmf composer in residence for 2009, the festival will feature an abundance of interesting composers from all over the world. I am happy to announce that two recent works of mine will be receiving their UK premiere at Huddersfield this year: JungGa, a concerto for oboe/musette and ensemble, written for Ernest Rombout and the Nieuw Ensemble, and my recent music theater work Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi, to be performed by Percussion the Hague, mezzo-soprano Margriet van Reisen and dancer Kenzo Kusuda.

JungGa - Ernest Rombout, oboe/musette; Bas Wiegers, conductor; Nieuw Ensemble
Nov 24, 7:30PM @ St. Paul's Hall, Huddersfield, UK
Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi - Percussion The Hague; Margriet van Reisen, voice; Kenzo Kusuda, dance
Nov 26, 8PM @ Bates Mills, Huddersfield, UK