large ensemble

JungGa (2009)
Concerto for Musette and Oboe and chamber ensemble
Oboe/Musette, solo, fl, cl/bass cl, harp, pf, 2 perc, vn, vla, vc, db
Duration: 18'

Concerto of Consonant Chord Catalogue (2006)
for solo piano and chamber ensemble
ob, cl, hrn, trb, vn, vla, vc, db, perc
Duration: 18'

Unsung Equilibrium (2005)
for Ensemble of Winds
fl/ picc/ bass fl, 3 sax, hrn, 3 trp, 2 trb, bass trb, bass guit, pf
Duration: 15'

Concerto (2005)
for Piano, Percussion and Six Players
pf, perc, fl/picc, cl/bs. cl, hrn, trb, vn, vc
Duration: 15'30"

Yaw-Unn II (2003)
for 11 players
fl, ob, cl, mandolin, guit, Harp, perc, vn, vla, vc, db
Duration: 9'

Shunt (2003)
for two pianos, two percussions and two instrumental groups
Fl/Picc. Ob, Bs. Cla, Bsn, Hrn, Trp, Trb, 2 Pf, 2 Perc. 4 Vn, 2 Vla, 2 Vc, Db
Duration: 11'

Oh-Um-Gae (2002)
Fl, 3 Sax, 3 Trp, 3 Trb, Hrn, Pf, Db
Duration: 2'30"

Concertino (2001)
for nine players
Fl/Picc, Ob, Cla, Bsn, Hrn, Perc, Vn, Vc, Db
Duration: 14'30"

small ensemble

Fragments (2009)
Flexible Music for electric guitar, alto saxophone, piano and percussion
Duration: 15'

"Crossing" String quartet No. 4 (2006) Duration: 11'

12062006 a fanfare for Ligeti (2006)
fl, 3 obs, cl, bsn
Duration: 2'15"

Non-Duet (2006)
for solo bass trombone & solo percussion
Duration: 16'

Study I (2005)
for Bassoon & Piano
Duration: 8'

Serenade for Four Strings (2005)
for string quartet
Duration: 15'30"

Two Moons (2004)
for amplified violin & cello
Duration: 10'

Double Palindrome (2004)
for flute/piccolo, bass-clarinet & piano
Duration: 11'

Whey-Jun-Mok-Ma (2002)
Cla, Vn, Vc & Pf
Duration: 10'30"

Dark Blue Horizon (2002)
for trombone, trumpet and piano
Duration: 10'

So-Ri II (2001)
for violin, cello & piano
Duration: 10'

So-Ri I (2001)
for guitar & flute
Duration: 10'

String Quartet No. 2 (2000) Duration: 11'

Conversion (1999)
for percussion and prepared piano
Duration: 13'

Intermixtus (1999)
for Eb saxophone
Duration: 8'

with non western instruments

Tainted Sculpture (2007)
for Nine Korean & Western Players
Piri, DaeGeum /SohGeum, Cl, SaengHwang, Kayageum, guit, vc, 2 perc
Duration: 12'

Concerto for Hyun and Kwan for large Oriental/ Occidental Ensemble (2005)
Kayageum, Piri/Taepyongso, Fl/Picc, Ob, Cl/Bs. Cl, Duduk, Sheng, Mand, Guit, Kanun, Zheng, Harp, 2 Perc, Erhu, Kemenche, Vn, Vla, Vc, Db
Duration: 22'

percussion works

Canon Interrupted (2008)
for four percussion players
Duration: 10'

Canonic Phase (2008)
for four percussion players
Duration: 10'

Circle for One (2004)
for solo percussion
Duration: 13'

DaDeRimGil (2003)
for six percussion players
Duration: 14'

Vocal works

Recollection for ChoHee (2006)
2 sop, mez, alt, ter, bas
Duration: 15'

Na-Ya! (2003)
for solo female voice & temple bell
Duration: 4'30"

Song of Regret (2002)
Sop, fl, Cl, Perc, Pf, Vn, Vc.
Duration: 7'30"

Yaw-Unn I (2002)
for Soprano, Violin, Recorder & Percussion
Duration: 7'


Lege Wieg/ Bos Besik (Empty Cradle) (2010)
Opera - Lyric soprano, Soprano, mezzo soprano, counter tenor, baritone, Alto, Solo choir(soprano), Choir, Fl/alto fl/picc, Accordion, Vc, Db, Percussion
Duration: 90'

Words and Beyond: Hwang Jin-Yi (2008)
Music theater for Mezzo-soprano and four percussionists and a dancer
Duration: 70'

Trojan Women (2007)
Kayageum, DaeGuem/SohGeum, Western Percussion & electronic music for theater
Duration: 60'