Seung Won Oh Events Event 7. Portrait Concert 18Feb2023@Alex Schroder.

Ensemble Academy’s production Composer’s Portrait: Seung-Won Oh

18 februari 2023, 17.30
Conservatoriumzaal Amare, Koninklijk Conservatorium
Ensemble Academy at Koninklijke Conservatorium presents a Composer Portrait series on “Seung-Won Oh”.

The whole concert is one continuous sound experience which requires an absolute minimum break between the compositions. Six compositions are staged in different parts of the hall surrounding the audience. Each piece expresses its own unique musical goal while the entire program as a whole demonstrates a glimpse of a continuous pursual of the composer's self reflection.
The concert is free to the public but the registration is required due to a limited seating plan. You are kindly advised to register via the following link.

Yaw-Unn II
Mixtures III
Aphonic Dialogue


The oldest piece is Intermixtus and the newest is Equilibrium. The program contains a wide array of musical styles and deals with different musical subjects:
Intermixtus(1999) is Oh’s early period focusing on melody, counterpoint and harmony with solo saxophone, recognition of the Korean culture by exploration of micro-tonality and musical textures in Yaw-Unn II (2003), curiosity of timbre and sound blocks in Fragments (2009).
Aphonic Dialogue, double concerto for cello, voice and chamber orchestra (2014) is Oh’s the first score where the noise/non-pitch based sound appeared into the conventional orchestra writing.
Mixtures III (2021)- world premiere- is a re-arrangement in contraction of Mixtures II for four amplified violins into amplified string quartet. It experiments with acoustic spatialization for a non-conventional music stage.
Equilibrium (2021/2022) for amplified cello, bass clarinet with Tam-tam taps into a soft and delicate sound world void of excess expression and emotion.

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Seung Won Oh Events Event 7. Portrait Concert 18Feb2023@Alex Schroder.

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