lege wieg

Lege Wieg | Opera of Seung-Ah Oh

Muziektheater Hollands Diep in coöperation with VocaalLAB.

Fate makes a young woman a nomad, a child puts her life on a firm footing, in a storm she loses him...
A well-known old story from the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, adapted by writer Anne Vegter (Rotterdam) and singer Nurhan Uyar (Istanbul/Berlin) to create surprising contemporary music theatre. The new composition and musical instruments are a melting pot of Turkish folk songs and contemporary Western music. The piece is performed by soloists and a vocal ensemble. The performers come from different musical and cultural traditions and are a mixture of amateur and professional singers.

Trailer made by Boris Bischoff


lege wieg
Lege Wieg | Opera of Seung-Ah Oh
Foto’s: Rob van Herwaarden
Compositie: Seung-Ah Oh
Script: Anne Vegter
Conductor: Romain Bischoff
Director: Cilia Hogerzeil
Decor: Robin van de Werff
Costumes: Ineke Vink
Light design/technique: Jeroen Smith

Jennifer Claire van der Hart, soprano
Caroline Cartens, soprano
Ekaterina Levental, mezzo/alto
Gunnar Brandt Sigurdsson, countertenor
Arnout Lems, baritone

Jet van Helbergen, soprano
Nurhan Uyar, mezzo-soprano

Paula van Delden, flute
Marieke Grotenhuis, accordeon
Wilbert Grootenboer, percussion
Annie Tangberg, cello
Marijn van Prooijen, contrabass
Piano repetitor: Henry Kelder /Caecilia Boschman / Annette Rogers
Workshops coaching: Nurhan Uyar

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